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Founded by Tomoko Sakata in Nagoya City, Japan, in 2006, Campbell Model Agency is now proud to be opening another set of doors in Toronto, Canada. We are a women-led modeling agency bringing the Japanese philosophy of improvement, respect for all, and Omotenashi, or True Hospitality, to the world.

We believe that culture has an important role to play in business, which is why we’re bringing our supportive working environment for women with us around the globe. Our signature commitment is to build strong, lasting relationships with both our clients and our models, and we couldn’t be more excited to start forging these new, creative bonds in Canada.


Our aim is to bring the Japanese spirit of hard work, continuous improvement, and high-quality attention to detail everywhere we go and apply it to everything we do. Now in North America, we are seeking to provide a level of care and service for our clients and our model’s careers that can’t be matched anywhere else.


At its core, we believe that every venture can be boiled down to two key aspects: the people and the work. For our people, we demand respect, care, and acceptance – of culture, of body type, of ourselves, of our models, and of our client’s needs. In our work, we insist upon honestly, quality, and professionalism in all that we do.

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