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About Us

GEM GROUP, formally known as RST Creative Studios has been operating for over 20 years in the beauty, fashion, media, and pageant industry. In January 2023, Global Entertainment Management Group was formed in order to encompass a wider range of products and services but also to promote Diversity, Equity & Inclusion within all of its Organizations.

GEM GROUP’s mission is to empower women of all ethnicities to become leaders and entrepreneurs in the beauty, fashion and multimedia industries. We accomplish these goals by educating and supporting young women as they embark on their journey to creating a successful future and career.

GEM GROUP contestants will be automatically enrolled in a four(4) week leadership program created by NAAAP (National Association of Asian American Professionals). This educational program is conducted by successful businessmen and women, entrepreneurs, and CEOs of major Corporations, all sharing their stories and insight to create a successful future.

GEM GROUP is a full-service entertainment and production Organization. Our team provides services such as event planning, strategy, media production, coordinating, advertising and marketing. We can also satisfy the various aspects of hosting events such as production coordination, hair and make-up, photography, video production, graphics, image consultation, choreography, model and catwalk training.
GEM GROUP believes in helping those in need and has raised funds for many charitable Organizations including the Canadian Red Cross, S.E.A.S Centre, United Way, Progenies Cord Blood Cryobank, and Canadian Liver Foundation. Contestants are required to showcase that they volunteer or partner with a Community Organization to give support to the underprivileged or the less fortunate.

GEM GROUP is paving a new path for women to create their own success and to be responsible for their own destiny.

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